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    Order Now & Buy 10 Designs in Flat Pricing of Just $100.

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  • Graphics Special Offers

    Order Now & Buy 10 Designs in Flat Pricing of Just $100.

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  • We’reGraphics & Digitizing

    Top Quality Logo Digitizing Starting at $1.5 Per 1000 Stitches.


  • We’reGraphics & Digitizing

    Top Quality Logo Digitizing Starting at $1.5 Per 1000 Stitches.


Professional Embroidery Digitizing to Vector Art Designs

Where we turn your designs into reality. Just give us a try and we won’t disappoint you. The first order is always free!!!

Meet Our Team

We believe in excellence & all our orders are made with accuracy & precision. Our designers are a team of experienced embroidery digitizers and vector artwork.

Expeditious & hassle-free delivery

Our orders are executed within 24 hours with quick delivery at your doorstep.

The Exceptional Quality

Our quality parameters are high. If you don’t like your first order, we will offer a full refund!!

Endless Free Quotes

Our team works 24/7 to provide free quotes. Just fill our order/ estimate form at this link.

Why Choose US

We deal with the corporate world as well as small business houses and even schools. We can digitize anything, be it your company logo, school wears badges, or we can even advertise your company logo in form of T-shirts or caps.We will try our best to transform your innovative design into an authentic digitization.

The skill and Experience

Our team comes from specialized software background and has the qualifications to use all digitizing software to accomplish the parameters set by the clients.

Customer feedback

Visit our Facebook page to see what our customers have to say about us.

Supporting Major File Formats

At Graphics Digitizing, We work with various file formats like EMB, DST, CND and much more.


Quick delivery

We choose expedited delivery services across the country getting your order right at your door-step.


Professional Embroidery Digitizing to Vector Art Designs

Digitizing services in the UAE, India, USA and across the world for over 15 years with a team of 20 digitizers equipped with leading industry  softwares.

Offers for returning Customers

If you come back to us, we will offer a discount for our services and your orders will be fulfilled with high priority!!

Secure Payments

We always accept payments via easy to handle, hassle free and secure payments methods like credit card and PayPal.

24/ 7 Client Support

We are available 24/7 via email/ chat. You can even call us at +97150-7782700.

Quality service and much more

We provide reasonable quotes and quality service. More offers and discounts for returning customers. If you are happy with our work, refer us to your friends and get even more discount from us!!

Special Offers

We have very attractive packages for you if you want to outsource embroidery digitizing work to us. Graphics Digitizing has special discount offers for outsourcing vendors.

We Offer

Embroidery digitizing, Vector art for screen printing, Custom Logo Designs, Workwear or school wear badges, T-shirt custom designs, designs for caps, embroidered bags.

See What Are Our Clients Saying

  • We have been working with Graphics Digitizing since last 14 years and in this long term association period, we never faced any delay in their services and work quality is always the premium one. Thank you, team!
    — — Jorge Valenzuela
  • I would like to thank all the staff of Graphics Digitizing for their amazing services. They have a great website with proper navigation to order form and you just need to fill the form once and their team will get back to you in next 12 hours. Wonderful team. Thanks.
    — — Whitney
  • I am highly impressed with the client support services of Graphics Digitizing. They are always available on live chat and I always get my order done in 24 hours. I would highly recommend them to all. Cheers.
    — — Ione Morrison

The distinctiveness of any company or a business house depends on its Logo. It is a factor that represents the brand. Here at Graphics Digitizing, we provide embroidery digitizing services that converts your Logo raster image to high quality vector art.
The vector art can be scaled and printed at any size without losing quality. A vector image will always appear smooth no matter how large you make it or how close you zoom in. Hence, the font used in a logo should be a vector image. Vector art is also Resolution-independent that is it can be printed at any size/resolution. Also, the vector art maintains a smaller file size whereas in raster graphics large dimensions & detailed images equal larger file size since raster images are pixel-based. In Vector art, the Number of colors can be easily increased or reduced to adjust the printing budget. It can also easily be converted to raster.

Outsource Your Designs To Save Time & Money

Graphics Digitizing offering the Risk-FREE trial design which is 100% Free. no payments and you can easily compare your existing provider.